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Telugu is a highest spoken Dravidian language with over 80 million speakers all over the world. It is the official language of Andhra Pradesh , Telangana, Puducherry and considered as a minority language in parts of south Africa.

Typing Telugu is hard with so many difficult characters and signs in it, but here you can easily type Telugu by just writing the content in English. Just type the language in Telugu but characters would be of English language and it will convert it to Telugu characters. We should simply tell you that this tool doesn’t translate English language to Telugu but converts the verse written in Telugu but in English characters to Telugu characters.

english to telugu typing


History of Telugu language

Telugu is one of the most well known Dravidian language spoken by a wide range of population in southern parts on India. Telugu is the 4th largest spoken language in India and one of the fastest growing language in the US. It is also one of the oldest classical Dravidian language after Tamil. To know about Tamil language in brief click English to Tamil typing converter.

According to Wikipedia, Telugu’s inscriptions were first found during 400 BCE to 100 BCE in Bhattiprolu in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It reads “Gift of the slab by venerable Midikilayaka which tells us how old the language was.

Dialects of Telugu

Telugu has 3 major dialects used, which are:

  • Coastal dialect of Coastal Andhra region
  • Rayalaseema dialect spoken in four districts of Rayalaseema
  • Telangana dialect of Telangana

Telugu was older referred as “Tenugu” and is derived from a sanskrit word “Trilingam” which means three lingas.

Use of English to Telugu converter

This language is having more than 80 million speakers all over the world which means it has a large exposure mainly in India. You can use the converter to convert English words to Telugu language. It is useful for bloggers who write blogs in Telugu language since typing this language with so many consonants is a headache for you.

You can type anything you want and convert it to Telugu language for any college assignment, office document or any unofficial message for your friends or loved ones.

Frequently asked question

Will it translate my English words to Telugu?

The answer is “NO” , this tool is a converter which converts the Telugu words typed in English to Telugu.

What is the accuracy of this tool?

The tool is mostly accurate. You can expect 99% accuracy from this tool, some errors can be seen but no major difficulties are seen in it.

Why it is not converting my texts?

You have to give a space after every word to convert it to Telugu language. Press space bar after every word and you are good to go. If you are still unable to use it then comment below, we will sort it out.