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Hope you all are doing well, You are here so I assume that you are already in love with our English to Hindi typing converter. Here you can convert your English content in almost all languages you need.,

At typing monster you get the ability to convert your English content to any language you want. If you are new to our website then you would be thinking that what is the use of this website? It has a lot of uses and amazing benefits in our daily lives. Let’s learn about them in detail below.

Amazing Uses of typing monster

  1. The most important use of typing monster is for bloggers who write posts in other languages which they are not comfortable to write by their own. They can write in English language and convert it in their language.
  2. You can use this website to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend 😛 if they speak in language other than yours. Just type the message and convert it into his/her language.
  3. It can be used to complete assignments in other language during internships or colleges.

So now you have known all the uses of our English to Hindi typing website. Just click on the language to which you want to convert and start typing.

Wait! By the word typing, I remembered my first time when I started typing. It is a very hard and clumsy process especially when we type in PC/Laptops. In smartphones we have a habit to type due to chatting daily but on larger screens, most of the people find it difficult to handle the keyboard.

I will help you with this problem as I can feel the pain behind it. Earlier I was also a bad typist but these few golden tips changed my typing speed to more than 300%.

Tips to Increase typing speed

To increase the typing speed, some golden rules are to be followed. These rules will help you develop a life skill which is very necessary in today’s changing world.

1. Type with both hands

Yes, Most people type only with their single hand due to which it becomes a long process. It slows down our productivity and decreases our speed.

Typing with both hands is difficult in starting but in the long run, only using both hands will help us.

2. Use all the 10 fingers

Some people use only index fingers to type which again slows down our typing speed. Actually all the laptop/PC keyboards are made for use by all the 10 fingers.

You would probably see a small bulge on the F and J keys in your keyboard.

Actually, this bulge to locate the buttons and place the index fingers on both the buttons respectively without even seeing the keyboard and also this location helps to spread the fingers all over the keyboard at equidistance.

So next time when you use your keyboard, just find these bulges and place index fingers on them. By this way you can get access to all the keys without moving your hand.

3. Look on screen while typing

Mostly when we type, we look on the keyboard to type the keys and then check it on the screen which also slows our typing speed. Looking at the screen while typing saves that time which we waste looking at the keyboard.

During initial practice you will get a lot of grammatical mistakes but as the time goes on your mind will picturize the image of keyboard and you won’t have to see on the keyboard any more.

4. Practice… Practice… Practice…

Yes! “Practice makes a man perfect” this quote is true. Practice daily to type by the tips given above, you should invest at least 1 hr a day to type by the method given. This will help you to type at super speed in the long run.

These are some of the rules to increase your typing speed. Below is the technique to use typing monster

How to use typing monster

To use our website typing monster, just open the converter you wish to use.

For e.g. You have used English to Hindi typing converter.

Type the words you want to convert, On clicking spacebar the word will convert into the language which you have chosen.

On clicking backspace button, the word will get back to it’s original language. You can also click space bar over the word to save it.

Short cuts can be used to speed up the procedure like Ctrl + A can be used to select all of the words you have typed till now. Use Ctrl + C to copy the words. Use Ctrl + V to paste the word which you have copied.

The lines written by you are saved automatically in the cache of our website, so even if you accidentally close the tab then also your work doesn’t go anywhere. You can also add special characters in your article which are given by us.

So, this was all the important information regarding our website for proper usage, if you still have any query then comment below we will love to solve it out.