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Hello guys, Do you want to type in Oriya but finding it difficult to type it with your English keyboard?

Here we have a wonderful solution for you. We made this English to Oriya converting tool which will help you in converting English into Oriya. This tool is can save a lot of time for Oriya language enthusiasts who want to type in Oriya on their mobile or laptop/computers. If you still have any doubts regarding it’s efficiency then test it yourself.

english to oriya typing


“Let’s see how to use this English to Oriya language converting tool” :

  • First of all you have to enter the word you desire to write in English language.
  • Then press Space button after you enter the word. Pressing space is compulsory.
  • Let’s see an example on how to type : {how (Press space) are (press space) you? (Press space)}
  • The output will come out as this {ହଉ ଆରେ ଯୋଉ?} , it’s magical isn’t it?
  • You can convert unlimited amount of words in it. There’s no limit.
  • If you copy and paste the words here then conversion tool might not work. So, please keep in mind that only the words you type will get converted.


Converting English to Oriya is now a piece of cake. Our tool is next generation converting tool which helps the our users in converting various languages that too Free of cost. I feel your doubts related to the usage instructions of this tool might have cleared. So now let’s learn about the importance of Oriya language.


Importance of Oriya language :

Oriya which is also pronounced as ‘odia’ is one of the six classical Indian language among Tamil, Telugu, kannada, Sanskrit, Malayalam. It has a very deep rooted history with humongous literary sources.

Oriya is mainly spoken in Odisha as well as in some parts of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh too.

It is an official language of Odisha state and second official language of Jharkhand. Oriya is one of the oldest Indo-Aryan language, some historians date it back to 500 BC.

Pali and Jhadri prakrit languages are the source of classical Oriya language. It was mainly used by Buddhists and Jains. The inscription inscribed on Elephanta caves shows how Oriya have been derived from Pali language.

Oriya language have been increasing it’s foothold in western Indian states such as Gujarat and Maharashtra due to increase in labour migration. If you also migrated to maharashtra then English to Marathi typing converter might help you a lot in understanding Marathi language.

Now, let’s discuss about the History of Oriya language.


History of Oriya language :

Oriya is an Indo-Aryan language which is widely spoken in eastern part of India (Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, etc). It belongs to Indo European language family.

Oriya language is derived from Pali and prakrit languages which were mainly used during golden period of India (mahajanpadas & mauryan era). Pali and prakrit was used by Jain and Buddhists mainly. As there was huge influence of jainism and Buddhism in the eastern part of India that let to the birth of languages like Oriya, Bengali, Assamiya, Magahi, etc. Bengal is neighbor state of Orrisa that’s why their language and culture have some similarities. Wanna know more about Bengali language? Visit English to Bengali typing converter by Typing monster.

Unlike other Indian languages which were influenced by Persian, Arabic and Urdu due to Islamic rule India. Oriya have very little to No influence of Persian and Arabic language. That’s why Oriya is termed as classical language.

The script used in writing Oriya is known as Kalinga script. It was developed around 1000 years ago. Before that Brahmi script was used for writing Oriya language.

Now let’s learn about the dialects of Oriya language.

Dialects of Oriya language :

Major dialects of Oriya language

  • Standard Oriya
  • Baleshwari (Northern oriya)
  • Garhjati (North western oriya)
  • Kataki (central oriya)
  • Ganjami (southern oriya)
  • Sambhalpuri (western oriya)
  • Desiya (south western oriya)

These are some major literary dialects of Oriya language. There are many non-literary dialects in Oriya too like Medinipur Oriya, Singhbhumi Oriya, Halbi, Phulbani Oriya, sundargadhi Oriya, etc.

Standard Oriya is spoken mainly in puri and Bhuvaneswar region. It’s is mainly used in newspaper, schools and official works.

Uses of English to Oriya converter

English to Odia/Oriya converter can be used for official as well as for unofficial tasks. Whether you want to send a messege or mail to friends or family or an important official mail or notice for legal works. Our converter will convert everything very easily.

We understand that typing Oriya in your English keypad or in Oriya keypad is a not an easy task. Typing in English is easy because we have been doing it repetitively. But typing Oriya will be a burden and time-consuming.

That’s why we made this English to Oriya convertor tool which can solve your typing problems in a split second.

{Important :- English to Oriya converter cannot translate the word. It can only convert the English word to Oriya language.}


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hope these FAQs can quench the curiosity and clear your doubts regarding our tool. If you have any queries then comment below or contact us on given Email address.


Can this tool translate English to Oriya?

No, this tool is specially made for converting English to Oriya language for those who can’t type it in Oriya language.


Why I’m not able to convert English to Oriya?

Just press space after every word you type on your keypad. It will automatically convert it in Oriya. If you still find any issue please let us know!


Is there any hidden charges for using this tool?

No, our English to Oriya converter tool is absolutely free. There are no hidden charges for our service.


Do you provide similar conversion service for other languages too?

Yes of course, we have converter tools for more than 21 nationally and Internationally recognized languages that too free of cost.



English to Oriya convertor tool is for those who want to type in Oriya but have no experience in it. We help them in converting the language with minimal errors.

Using this tool is a cup of tea. Just write anything and press space it’ll covert your desired word into Oriya. This will save your precious time and energy from typing in Oriya language that too without charging a penny.