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Want to type in Nepali language but don’t have any experience in it?

No worries! We have made an awesome tool called “English to Nepali converter tool” to overcome this typing problem.

Just follow simple steps and convert English words to Nepali in a second.

“Easy steps to convert English words into Nepali” :

  • First step is typing the words in English which you want to convert in Nepali.
  • Don’t forget to press space after every word you type. Pressing space after every word is compulsory for converting English to Nepali.
  • Let’s see an example : {Timi (Press space) kanha (press space) chau ? (Press space)}
  • The result of your input will come out as this : {तिमी कंहा छौ? (Where are you?) }.
  • If you copy words or sentences from somewhere and paste it here then tool might not show results. That’s why type manually to get accurate and instant results.

I believe the instructions part must be clear now. So let’s go through the vast history and importance of Nepali language.

english to nepali typing


Importance of Nepali language :

Nepali is an official language of Nepal ans well as Indian states like Sikkim and West Bengal have given it an official status.

There are total 25 million Nepali speakers around the world. Most of them live in Nepal, India, Myanmar and Bhutan. But there are good numbers of Nepali speakers in Australia, UK, USA and Brunei too.

The script used for typing Nepali is devanagari in current times. It is also used for typing hindi. If you’re interested in Hindi then visit English to hindi typing converter. Before 12th century brahmi script was used for writing Nepali Language.

Nepali is also known as Khas kura (spoken by Khas people) and Gorkhali (official language of Gorkha kingdom) language.

Now, let’s explore the History of Nepali language.


History of Nepali language :

Nepali language is an Eastern pahari (hilly) language of Indo-Aryan language family. It is a mixture of Sanskrit and Pali language which was spoken in ancient India and Nepal.

Oldest known written Nepali language is from 10th century during the reign of King Bhupal. Uptil 12th century AD Nepali was written in Brahmi Script.

During the period of Gorkha rule, Nepali language which is also known as Gorkhali language spread with the conquests of Prithvi Narayan Shah. Nepali was the Court language of Gorkha kingdom. They started using devanagari script for writing Nepali language.

In the year 1930 AD, Nepal government adopted Nepali language as an official language of Nepal.

Dialects of Nepali language :

Some major dialects of Nepali language are:

  • Acchami
  • Baitadeli
  • Bajhangi
  • Bajurali
  • Dadeldhuri
  • Dailekhi
  • Doteri
  • Gandakeli
  • Purbeli
  • Soradi


Uses of English to Nepali converter

English to Nepali converter tool helps in typing Nepali language Accurately for inexperienced users. Those have are facing trouble in typing Nepali language for official purpose or Unofficial purpose can use this tool free of cost.

You can use this tool to learn written nepali language too. This can be used for texting your friends and family too who speaks Nepali language.

Typing monster’s English to Nepali converter tool gives an accurate result in an instant without charging a penny. Like Most of the Indian subcontinent languages, Nepali is also derived from Sanskrit. English to Sanskrit typing converter will help you further in typing and learning Sanskrit language.

{Important :- English to Nepali converter tool is made for converting English words to Nepali. It cannot translate English to Nepali language. }


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered some of the most asked questions. Hope you find your question in this list of FAQs. If you still have any questions regarding our English to Nepali converter tool then comment below.


Can I copy and paste the sentences and still get results?

No, only manually typed English words will get converted to Nepali language. Copying sentences and pasting it here won’t show your desired results.


Why I’m not able to convert English to Nepali language?

Try again and this time press space after every word. Typing monster’s English to Nepali converter tool will show you an exact result instantly.


Do I have to pay for your service?

No, you don’t have to pay a single buck for our service. English to Nepali converter tool is providing services free of cost.



English to Nepali language converter tool helps Nepali language enthusiasts and those who never typed in Nepali but want to type for some official purpose.

It will decrease the stress of typing in Nepali and give an accurate result within a second. Just type anything in English and press space you’ll get your preferred results.

Typing monster have similar converter tools for more than 20+ languages. Feel free to check out other languages too. If you like our service then share it with your friends and family members too.