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You are here which means you want to convert your English texts to Hindi language. Let’s first learn about basic commands and tips to write your text in much better quality.

कैसे है आप सब ये व्याख्या मैंने अपने English to Hindi वेबसाइट से कन्वर्ट करके लिखी है , आशा करता हु आप सब बढ़िया होंगे, अगर आप भी ऐसे ही अपने व्याख्या को बदलना चाहते है तो आप सही जगह पर है, निचे दिए गए बॉक्स में लिख कर आप भी अपनी भाषा बदल सकते है बिलकुल मेरी तरह.

Certain tips for improved English to Hindi typing

  1. Write the English words in your language as typing monster is not having an inbuilt dictionary to translate your english words in hindi. Let’s clarify first we are not a English to Hindi translator but English to Hindi converter we just convert what you have written in english to hindi language. So, if you want to type “How are you” in Hindi then it will give output as “हाउ अरे यू” so you have to write it as “Aap kaise ho” to get output as “आप कैसे हो“.
  2. Give space after every word to convert it to Hindi like Aap [Space bar] kaise [space bar] ho [space bar]
  3. You can use the special characters from the line above the options to add any special characters if needed.
  4. Check the total characters and total words below the typing box to keep a check on your written words.
  5. Click the copy to clipboard button to copy all the content written in the box.
  6. You can change the intensity, boldness and other things of your content from the top box.
  7. If the language doesn’t match to desired word then press backspace twice to get other suggestions of the word.

Typing in Hindi directly from the keyboard is a seriously hard task since it gives very much errors and we have to check all the mistakes which come in Hindi typing due to involvement of so many matras in our hindi language. We help you to write without having such problems here. Just type in english and we will convert it to your desired language here instantly.

english to hindi typing


Importance Of Hindi

Hindi is one of the easiest to speak language and has been used by India since ages. It was originally referred to inhabitants of indo-gangetic plain. It has been considered as the mother tongue of India since years but the truth is that India is a multilingual and secular country and doesn’t have any mother tongue.

Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India and there are only 2 Hindi speaking countries in the world. The second most widely spoken language in India is Bengali. It also ranks 7th as a most spoken language around the world. If you have keen interest on Bengali language then do check English to Bengali typing converter.

Top Hindi speaking Countries

Hindi is the 4th largest spoken language all over the world with a vast range of dialects spoken in different regions of India.

According to World Atlas, The top Hindi speaking countries in the world are:

  1. India – 422,048,642
  2. Nepal – 8,000,000
  3. United States – 649,000
  4. Mauritius – 450,170
  5. Fiji – 380,000

Amazed? by the vast number of hindi speakers in the world. It has very much potential and is increasing daily.

Hindi is traditionally considered as daughter of Sanskrit language and has a wide impact all over the world. As India is rising in front of the world, more and more people are becoming familiar to Hindi. Many foreigners are being settling down in India and learning Hindi.

Hindi is written in Devanagri script consisting 11 vowels and 33 consonants. It is written from left to right unlike urdu which is written right to left.

History of Hindi

Hindi language came into known in 12th and 13th century B.C. Much of currently used hindi is derived from Sanskrit and Persian. Hindi also uses the same grammar as Sanskrit. If you’re interested in learning or typing Sanskrit then visit English to Sanskrit typing converter.

Hindi language had a wide range of dialects spoken across India including the khadi boli, braj bhasha of eastern India while avadhi for western India and delhi dialect. The delhi dialect later on became the modern standard Hindi.

Many epics are written in dialects of Hindi such as:

  1. Dhola Maru in Marwari of Marwar
  2. Prithviraj Raso in Braj Bhasha
  3. Works of Amir Khusrow in dialects of Delhi

Bihar was the first state to consider Hindi as it’s official language in India in 1881. A Hindi dialect known as Bhojpuri is still been spoken in countries like Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and south Africa . Earlier workers from India during 19th and early 20th century were brought here by the british colonies for plantation works. They inhabited there and now speak dialects of Hindi in those countries. So, next time if you go in any of these countries and find a bhojpuri speaker guy then don’t get astonished.

Uses of English to Hindi typing converter

English to Hindi typing converter is amazing tool which helps users in typing Hindi with their English keyboard. It can used for official work like letter to government office or Unofficial & Informal tasks like texting or mailing friends and family members in Hindi.

We know that typing Hindi is quite complicated with English keypad or Hindi keypad too. In current generation everyone texts in romanized Hindi and studies in English medium school and colleges. That lead to slow death of devanagari script which is used in writing Hindi.

This was our motivation behind creating this English to Hindi converter tool. It gives accurate result within a second. All you have to do is type your desired words in English.

{Important :- English to Hindi converter tool is meant to converting English words to Hindi. It is not a translation tool.}


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have made this small list of faqs which were mainly asked in our comments. If you didn’t got your answer then comment below.


How many words we can convert in this tool?

There’s no as such limit, you can convert as many words as you can. All you have to do its type manually


Can I copy and paste to convert English to Hindi?

Nope! You have to type manually every word. Copying & pasting sentences here will not give desired results.


Can I convert English to other languages too?

Yes absolutely , we have more than 20 converter tool of English to other nationally and Internationally recognised languages.

Hope you have got much information about the language which around 40% of the Indian population speaks. We will talk about other languages as well so check out other pages also for more stunning information.


Now concluding everything, if you get any error in the converter and get problem in English to Hindi typing then comment below. All suggestions are welcomed and we are trying our best to give you the best and smoothest experience.