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Namaste Everyone! Are you struggling in typing Sanskrit with your English or Devanagari keypad?

Don’t worry, we have made an amazing converter tool especially for typing Sanskrit language. This tool is easy to use and shows accurate results in converting English to Sanskrit. Just use our English to Sanskrit convertor once and you’ll be amazed by our results.

english to sanskrit typing


“Step wise usage instructions to use English to Sanskrit converter tool” :

  • Type your desired words or sentence on Typing Monster.
  • Don’t forget to press space after the end of every word. Space works as a command to convert English to Sanskrit.
  • If you still didn’t understood, then see this illustration on how to type : {katham (Press space) asti (press space) bhavaan? (Press space).
  • Result of your input will come out like this : {कथम् अस्ति भवान् ? (how are you? )}.
  • This English to Sanskrit converter tool can convert infinite amount of words with 99.995% accuracy.
  • If you copy a paragraph and paste it in typing monster, then it’ll not convert into Sanskrit. So please type it manually for better results.


This English to Sanskrit typing tool not only saves your time but also offer an accurate result within a second. I hope your doubts regarding instructions to use this tool must have resolved. Now let’s wise up about the History and Importance of Sanskrit language.


Importance of Sanskrit language :

Sanskrit is a divine language mainly spoken in Indian and Nepal. Sanskrit is mainly used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies like marriage.

Brahmi script was used to Sanskrit in ancient & medieval period. Currently Devanagari script is used to writing Sanskrit as well as many other languages like, Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, etc.

Sanskrit language is often termed as mother of all Indian languages (except Tamil ). Sanskrit was not a lingua franca of Indians in mass. It was mainly used by priests and royals in ancient times. Most of the ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Jain literature are written in Sanskrit language.

The oldest known Sanskrit literature Rigveda dates back to 1500 BC. Sanskrit language have a diverse history and it’s still alive in scriptures and prayers of Hindus. Many organizations and religious leaders tried to revive the Sanskrit language as a first language in India. But there are hardly any results of of Sanskrit speakers except priests.

Governments of India and Nepal are trying their best to revive Sanskrit by putting its syllabus in primary and higher studies. In Nepal, Sanskrit is an optional subject uptil 8th standard. Nepali is also derived from Sanskrit just like Hindi. To know more about Nepali language visit English to Nepali typing converter.

Now let’s dive deep into the History of Sanskrit language.


History of Sanskrit language :

Sanskrit is an ancient language which belongs to the Indo-European language family.

Sanskrit language (1500-500 BC) is one of the three proto-Indo-European language, other two are archaic Greek (1450-400 BC) and Hittite (1740-1200 BC) .

The word Sanskrit means “sanctified” or “pure”. Modern Sanskrit is an official language of India among other 22 Indian languages.

Sanskrit is also known as (Dev-bhasha) God’s language. According to hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma generated Sanskrit language and passed it to Rishis (saints) who then passed it to common people on earth.

In 4th century BC, a grammarian named Panini wrote book on Sanskrit Grammer called Astadhyayi (eight chapter). This book is the only source of Sanskrit Vocabulary and Grammer currently.

Currently Sanskrit is only used in the form of Prayer like sloka, strotra, mantra, bhakti songs, etc for Hindu God worship. But in 21st Century Hindi is taking over Sanskrit in Daily prayer songs too. English to Hindi typing converter will help you in learning hindi, which is derived from Sanskrit.

Now let’s learn about the dialects of Oriya language.

Uses of English to Sanskrit converter

English to Sanskrit converter will be helpful for newbies as well as Writers and Authors who are interested in Typing Sanskrit language.

We know that typing Sanskrit in English keypad is hard and time consuming. That’s why we made this tool to soak all your typing problems and increase your typing productivity.

Now typing Sanskrit is a cakewalk with the help of Typing monster English to Sanskrit converter tool.

{Important :- English to Sanskrit converter tool cannot translate the words it will just convert English word into Sanskrit language.}


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I hope you get everything you need to know, so that you can use typing monster “English to Sanskrit converter tool” like a pro. Still have any doubts? Comment below or contact us at given Email ID.


Why I’m not able to translate English into Sanskrit?

This tool especially made for typing Sanskrit . It only converts the English language. For example English {How} to Sanskrit {हाउ}.


Do we have to pay for this English to Sanskrit tool?

No, this typing tool is absolutely free. We don’t charge anything for our service.


Is there similar tool for other languages too?

Yes, currently we have more than 20 converter tool and in future we will add more languages. If you like typing monster tools then share it with others too.



English to Sanskrit converter tool by typing monster is a new generation tool with smart AI which converter English to Sanskrit in a split of second with perfect accuracy.

This tool will help those who want to write books or articles in Sanskrit and have no prior experience of typing Sanskrit. Using this tool is as easy as ABC. Just press space after every word you’ll get your desired and accurate Sanskrit word. And best thing about our tool is that it is completely free of cost.