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Wish to type in Russian language but have no prior experience in typing this beautiful & sophisticated language?

Don’t worry we have the solution now. This English to Russian converter tool will help you in typing Russian with minimum to zero errors. This tool can convert unlimited words within seconds. Just try it once and see the result yourself.

english to russian typing


“Steps to use this English to Russian converter” :

  • First of all, Type the words which you want to convert.
  • Then press space, the word will get converted into Russian.
  • Let’s see a quick example on how to input/type : {Kak (Press space) tebya (press space) zovut ? (Press space)}
  • Then our output will show as this : {Как тебя зовут?(what’s your name?) }.
  • Try it yourself, just follow the steps given above and start typing Russian.
  • If you copy a paragraph from somewhere and paste in typing pad then it will not work. Only the words which you have typed manually will get converted.


So, typing Russian is easy now with our stunning ‘English to Russian converter tool’. Now let’s learn about the importance and history of Russian language.


Importance of Russian language :

Russian is an official language of Russia as well as other Slavic and Baltic countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc.

Russian language have more than 265 million speakers worldwide and Ranks 7th in the most spoken languages around the world. While Chinese language holds no.1 position in the most widely spoken language around the world. To learn more about Chinese visit English to Chinese typing converter.

According to the report of languages used in internet Russian stands 2nd after English for it’s widespread use among internet users.

Now let’s explore the vast history and significance of Russian language and literature.


History of Russian language :

Russian is an Eastern Slavic language which is a branch of Indo-European language family. The script use for writing Russian language is known as Cyrillic script.

The oldest known Russian language were seen in 10th century. During the rule of Peter the great (1672-1725) Russian became a lingua franca of Russia.

During 19th century Russian language was at it’s peak because of the rapid spread of literary works of famous writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Golgol, Alexander Pushkin and Dostoyevskii.

At the time of USSR, Russian language was imposed on the natives of other countries by education, television and other means. Russian language was an official language during Soviet Russian period. But after the collapse of USSR, native countries left Russian language and start using their own native language as their lingua franca. This led to the fall in the numbers of Russian language speakers.

Let’s learn about the dialects of Russian language.

Dialects of Russian language :

  • Vatka dialect (Northern Russia)
  • Vladimir dialect (Northern Russia)
  • Novogorod dialect (Northern Russia)
  • Moscow dialect (Central Russia)
  • Orel dialect (Southern Russia)
  • Rayazan dialect (Southern Russia)
  • Tula dialect(Southern Russia)

These are some of the major dialects of Russian language. Others are sloboda dialect and steppe dialect mainly spoken around Ukraine.


Uses of English to Russian converter

English to Russian converter tool is does an amazing job in converting English words or sentences to Russian.

This converter can be used in formal and official work as well as Informal tasks like texting friends and family.

We understand that typing Russian is not that easy. Specially when we have no experience of typing in Russian. It is usually time consuming and we get bunch of mistakes in every sentence. There why we made this awesome English to Russian converter tool to resolve those typing problems.

Besides Russian we have 20 more language converter tools. Feel free to check it out and share it with those who needs it.

{Note :- English to Russian converter can only convert English words into russian language. By no means it can translate into Russian. The sole purpose of our converter is to make typing Russian easier by converting English to Russian.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some most asked FAQs which we got from our users. If you didn’t got the answers of your questions then comment below or contact us.


Why I’m not able to convert even after typing words manually?

Don’t forget to press space after every word. Most of time users forget to press space which is very common for new users. Hope you got your answer.


Is there any charges for this English to Russian converter?

No, our English to Russian converter tool is free for everyone. If you like our service then share it with your friends and family.


What it does translation or conversion of English words to Russian?

This tool is mainly for converting English words into Russian only. We have similar tool for many other globally recognised languages too.



English to Russian converter helps those who are unable to type Russian language Accurately. This can help new linguists or native speakers too to type Russian easily.

This converter tool is especially made for those who have are inexperienced in typing Russian language. Using this tool is as easy as blinking an eye. If you like this tool and our service then please share it with others.