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How to use English to Punjabi Converter

If you don’t have to use this English to Punjabi Converter, Just follow these simple steps and you’ll get to know about the whole process.

  • Open the text area and write your words in there.
  • Keep in mind that you have to put space after every word you write, even after the full stop.
  • It will work during the writing, you can see the live conversion of words.
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  • Now, you can paste it wherever you want to.

Note: You can’t paste words in the text area to convert them into Punjabi. You must have to write the words by yourself.

That’s all for now. You don’t have to follow any other steps except for these.

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Importance of Punjabi language

Punjabi, also known as the Gurmukhi language spoken by the Punjabi or Sikh people of the native Punjab State of India and Pakistan.
There are 115 million native speakers of Punjabi, as the major part of the count is in Pakistan (80 million) and nearly 30 million in India. Whereas Sikhs are living all over the globe, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a few in your region too.

When Sanskrit was the only language available in the run, Prakrit introduced the world with many regional languages for the different parts of the Country.

History of Punjabi language

The word Punjab is derived from the two words; Punj Aab, Which means “Five Waters” referring to the Indus Rivers.


As we know the Punjabi language was derived from the Prakrit, but it took the time span of the 7th century to the 10th century to get stable in the region and improve the vocabulary and rhythms.


Now the language has millions of native speakers all around the globe, The Indians Punjabi language is written in the Gurmukhi script. Whereas, The Pakistani Punjabi language is written in Shahmukhi script.

Both of the languages are the same, vocabulary and spellings are the same, just a bit of accent is different.


There are only a few major names that pop out when the discussion is of dialects.

In States-

  • Punjab (India)
  • Punjab (Pakistan)
  • Lahore
  • Karachi

In Countries-

  • Canada
  • India
  • Pakistan

Use of English to Punjabi converter

You can use this converter to translate your English to Punjabi and have fun with your Punjabi friends. They’ll be amazed to see to your texts in their native language, Also you can try learning the language as it’s not that hard.

In Canada, The Punjabi language is the second most favorite language of the public. This can help you in understanding Punjabi Music and words which are hard to stand in first. Punjabi language is quite famous in UK too next to Gujarati. As both Punjabi and Gujarati accounts as one of the major residents of UK living outside India. Learning about Gujarati might interest you, visit English to Gujarati typing converter for more.


There are many questions that float over all the users, Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If we skipped yours, you can drop your questions in the comment box.

Is this tool accurate?

It depends on how hard you try to test this tool’s efficiency. From our side, This tool works 99% times and convert your text with actual translation meaning word.

How to copy the text?

You can copy the result by tapping on the below button of Copy to Clipboard. Now, It’s in your system you can paste it anywhere you want to.

Can I use this offline?

No. You must have to visit this website to take benefits from the tool and this needs an active Internet connection. So, you must have to come online for the proper working of this tool.