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Do you want to type in Persian but have no prior experience in typing Persian language? No worries!

We have come up with a tool which converts English language into Persian. We made this amazing English to Persian converting tool which will save your precious time in typing Persian.

You just have to type your desired words in our tool it will transform English words into Persian instantly. It takes merely 2 seconds to convert English to Persian in our converter tool. So, what are you waiting for?

english to persian typing


“Just follow these steps and start typing Persian without any difficulty” :

  • First type whatever you want to convert in editor box.
  • After that press the spacebar key which will command the AI of our tool to convert your desired word.
  • Here’s an example on how it works : {Naam – e (Press spacebar) shoma (press spacebar) cheest ? (Press spacebar)}
  • The result will come out as this: {نام ا شما چست ?(what is your name?) }.
  • Its amazing isn’t it? It merely take a spilt of second to convert English to Persian.
  • This tool only converts the word which is typed in it. If you copy and paste it here then it won’t convert. So keep this in mind before converting.


Typing Persian has become as easy as blinking with the help of our fantastic English to Persian converter. Our tool is dedicated for the people who wants to type in their native or desired language but have no experience in it. We are providing this tool free of cost. I hope your queries related to the usage of our tool must have finished now. So, let’s explore the History and importance of Persian language.


Importance of Persian language :

Persian, which is also known as Farsi is an official language of 3 countries, namely Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Persian is mainly spoken in Iran (previously known as Persia), Afghanistan and Tajikistan but historically it was also used in India during Islamic rule and in middle east too.

Persian used in Afghanistan is known as Dari Persian and in Tajikistan it is known as Tajiki Persian or Tajik.

Persian language have more than 74 million speakers and Ranks 24th in 100 most spoken languages worldwide report.

Persian is written from right to left end just like Arabic language. The script used by Persian is taken from Arabic script. To know more about Arabic language visit English to Arabic typing converter.

Now, let’s go ahead with the History of Persian language.


History of persian language :

Persian or Farsi language is an indo-iranian language from Indo-European language family. It shows so many similarities between Persian and English language

For example:

  • better >>> behtar/بهتر
  • daughter >>> dokhtar/دختر
  • Giraffe >>> Zarafe/زرافه

To understand the evolution and progression of Persian language in-depth, we have divided it’s history in 3 stages:

  1. Old Persian (achaemenid period)
  2. Middle Persian (sassanian period)
  3. Modern Persian.

Old Persian

Its is also known as Avestan because old Persian was the language of Avesta (the holy book of Zoroastrians).

Old Persian was mainly used as a lingua franca during Achaemenid era (550 – 330 BC). Achaemenid king Xerxes I and Darius I are quite popular too.

Middle Persian

It is also known as Pahalvi language. It came in to existence during sassanians era. But later declined after Arab evasions in Iran.

Modern Persian

It came into existence after 9th century AD and it’s been used as an official and cultural language of Iran and Afghanistan upto this day.

The script used to write modern Persian is deeply influenced by the Arabic language.

Modern Persian was also used in Indian subcontinent during mughal era. It was an official language of not only Indian subcontinent but also in turkic and middle Eastern countries too. Influence of Persian can be seen in Hindi vocabulary even till date. English to Hindi typing converter will be the best place for all Hindi language enthusiasts.

Now let’s dive deep into the dialects of Persian language.

Dialects of Persian language :

  • Iranian Persian (Iran, Iraq)
  • Dari (Afghanistan)
  • Tajiki (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan)
  • Hazaragi (Central Afghanistan)
  • Herati (Western Afghanistan)
  • Basseri (Southern Iran)

These are some of the major dialects of Persian.

There are some dialects or languages closely related to Persian. Namely Luri, Achomi, Tat, Judeo-tat, Balochi, etc


Uses of English to Persian converter

English to persian/farsi/dari converter will come in handy whenever you have to type Persian words with your English keypad.

Most of our regular users use this converter for writing blogs in Persian and for writing an official letters to government sector offices.

You can also use it for mailing and messaging your friends and colleagues. Our converter is easy and fun to use. We currently have more than 21 languages converter.

We know that typing in Persian is often hard and Time consuming. Sometimes we are not able to type properly through Persian keyboard due to regular use to English keyboard. That’s where our English to persian converter shows up to help you out.

{Important :- This cannot translate the word/sentences into Persian . This is only for converting the English word to persian.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some frequently asked questions wich we have got from our users. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.


How many words I can convert with this tool?

There’s no such limit. You can convert as many words as u wish. Our converter will show the result instantly.


I’m facing trouble in converting English to Persian.

Just press the space bar after you type anything. If you won’t press space then it will not show results. If you have any doubts you can mail us. We will resolve it as soon as possible.


Do I have to pay for using this English to Persian converter?

No, we don’t charge a penny for our service. It is completely free. If you like our service then share it with your friends & family who have it’s need.


Can this tool convert in other languages too?

Of course, we are providing high efficiency convertor tool for more than 20 language that too free of cost.



Our English to Persian converter tool is the best conversion tool among other alternatives. It converts words in a blink of a second with 99.9996% of its accuracy.

This tool is designed for those who have no experience in typing Persian language. Now with the help of our tool typing Persian is a piece of cake. If you find our tool useful then suggest others too.