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To convert text in Malayalam language follow the steps given below:

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  2. You have to leave space after every word to convert it in the desired language.
  3. Use the additional characters given above wherever necessary.
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To learn more about Malayalam, let’s dive into it’s history for gaining better knowledge about it.

english to malayalam typing


Importance of Malayalam language

The Malayalam language is mostly spoken in a few states of India, and over 35 million people worldwide. This isn’t a big score but yet it is a native language of many states like; Kerala and union territory Lakshadweep & Puducherry.

It was separated from the original language Tamil. Whereas there are many disputes and facts on which people aren’t ready to agree. Malayalam has a similar vocab to the Tamil language and believed that it was separated from the Tamil nearly between the 9th and 13th centuries. If you’re interested in Tamil language, then visit English to Tamil typing converter.


The origin of Malayalam is still in debate and has 2 different theories based on historians. Some say that Malayalam was originated from the Tamil language and is it’s descendant while other state it is a totally different language which has been originated from Proto-Dravidian language.

Malayalam was designated as a classical language of India in 2013.

According to Historians, It is originated somewhere near 9th century AD.


According to Dravidian Encyclopedia, Malayalam is divided into 13 areas of dialects of it. These 13 area dialects are:

  1. South Travancore
  2. North Travancore
  3. South Eastern Palghat
  4. Wayanad
  5. Lakshadweep
  6. Central Travancore
  7. West Vempanad
  8. Kochi-Thrissur
  9. North Western Palghat
  10. North Malabar
  11. Central Malabar
  12. Kasaragod
  13. Central Malabar

Evolution of the language

Many well known literatures are written in Malayalam language such as Bhashakautalyam, Adhyatmramayanam and Unnunili Sandesam.

The earliest known poem in Malayalam is Ramacharitam in 12-14th century AD.

Earlier due to so many similarities between Tamil & Malayalam, It was considered as daughter of Tamil language but now it is considered that both Tamil and Malayalam are originated from single source and should be called as sister to each other.

Use of English to Malayalam converter

You can use the converter to convert English to Malayalam or vice versa. You can use this for job interview applications or history projects.

The converter is very handy and useful in day to day life with minimal error. It can be used by Malayalam bloggers who get tired by writing such a difficult language with all the correct signs and consonants.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the faqs and their answers which would solve your problem instantly.

Will it translate English to Malayalam?

No, This is a converter whose sole purpose is to convert words in English language to Malayalam language.

Why it is unable to convert?

Please check if you are giving space after every word to convert or not. Please check your internet connection if it is off.

Can I save what I write?

Yes, Everything you write gets saved in the cache and even if you close the browser or the internet connection is lost then also it will start from the same place.

Your old data will not get erased unless you do it by yourself.


This is all about the English to Malayalam converter. If you want to learn more about it then comment below. You can also use the English to Tamil converter if you are looking for it by clicking the link.

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