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Eager to type in Greek but have no knowledge or experience of typing Greek language through English keyboard ?

With our amazing “English to Greek converter tool” you can easily type in Greek language with your English keyboard. Just follow these quick steps and become the spectator of our magical tool.

“Guide for usage instructions of English to Greek converter tool”:

  • Type whatever you want in convertor tool.
  • After every word press Spacebar key.
  • Example on how to type : {Pos (Press space) eisai (press space) }
  • Results of your input : { Πώς είσαι} (How are you?)
  • In typing monster you can convert as many words as you can. There is no required limit for it.
  • Copy – pasting English sentences won’t get converted. Only manually typed words will get converted to Greek language.

I hope all your doubts about it’s function is clear now. So let’s proceed with the History and importance of Greek language.

english to greek typing


Importance of Greek language :

Greek language which is also known as Ellinika is an official language of Greece, Cyprus and Albania. It is one of the oldest language dates back to 14th century BCE. Greek have more than 13.5 million native speakers around the globe.

The word alphabet is mainly used for English character but it was taken from Greek character (α) alpha and (β) beta. Atleast 13% of the English Vocabulary is influenced by Greek language.

Ancient Greek was written from right to left originally but currently it is written from left to right. Let’s explore the History of Greek language.


History of Greek language :

Greek is a Hellenic language from Indo-European language family. It might not be the most spoken language around the world. But it had influenced soo many European languages as well as their cultures and Sciences.

The development and history of Greek language can be divided into 6 stages:

Proto Greek (Proto-Hellenic)

Proto Greek developed from proto Indo-European language and Linguists believe that it was spoken around 4000 years ago. It was mainly spoken by Hellenic people who migrated to Balkan peninsula.

Mycenaean Greek

It was spoken in Greece during 1600-1100 BCE. At that time Greece had it’s first advanced civilization. The oldest recorded Greek text is also from this time period. Mycenaean Greek inscriptions was written on clay tablets which makes it the oldest recorded written language.

Ancient Greek

It was mainly spoken around 900-400 BCE. The oldest known Greek or western literature comes from this time period. Two epic poems by Homer, the iliad and the odyssey are the oldest written poem. Ancient Greek had 2 dialects : Attic and ionic. Poems of Homer were written in Ionic dialect. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle belongs to this period which is also known a classical Greece era. This was a golden era of ancient mathematics, Science and logic.

Koine Greek

During the reign of Alexander the great, koine Greek (Common Greek ) was spreading as with his conquests. It was developed from attic and ionic dialect with some other dialects as well. Koine Greek served as a lingua franca of the conquered regions of Alexander the great. It remained as a common language of Greece and Eastern Mediterranean region during Roman empire (115 CE) too.

Medieval Greek

It was lingua franca of Byzantine empire during 15th century CE. Medieval Greek developed from koine Greek during byzantine empire.

Modern Greek

The beginning of modern Greek takes place when byzantine period ended. There are two varieties in modern Greek, Dimotiki a vernacular form of modern Greek and Katharevousa a literary form of Greek with features both demotic and ancient greek. In 1976 Dimotiki became the official language of Greece. Standard modern Greek is Dimotiki with little Katharevousa.


Uses of English to Greek converter

English to Greek converter tool can be use for formal tasks like government or office works. It can be used from Informal tasks like texting friends or family members.

It is mainly made for those who have no experience of typing in Greek language. This converter tool is gives accurate result within a blink of eye. It is totally y free of cost.

{Important note :- English to Greek converter tool cannot translate to Greek language. It only converts English into Greek for typing purpose.}



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most asked questions. Hope your get yours in the list. If you have any questions or suggestions comment below.


Will this tool translate English to Greek ?

No, it doesn’t work as a translator. This is English to Greek converter tool. It convert English word to Greek as it is!


Do I have to pay for this English to Greek converter?

No, we don’t charge a penny for our service. This tool is absolutely free.


Do you have converter tool for other languages too?

Yes of course, we have converter tool for more than 18 languages. In future we are going to add more to the list.



English to Greek converter tool helps inexperienced Greek typist to type Greek easily with 99.998% of accuracy. Greek is a language of science and logic and have deep rooted history. This makes Greek an intresting language to learn. English to Greek converter tool will help new learners too. If you like our English to Greek converter tool then share it with your friends and relatives.