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Hey guys, Do you face trouble in typing Chinese language? No worries we have an excellent alternative to type in Chinese language while using English keypad/keyboard.

We have developed an amazing tool which converts English words to chinese.

Yes, you have read it correctly. It won’t translate, it will convert whatever you type in English. Name of this tool is “English to Chinese converter tool“. It converts English to Chinese in a jiff.

All you have to do is just follow the instructions now.

“Instructions on How to use English to Chinese converter tool” :

  • First of all type the word in English which you want to get converted.
  • Press Space after every word you type, otherwise it won’t get converted into Chinese.
  • Here we have an example : {Ni (Press space) hao (press space) ma ? (Press space)}
  • Output of the words you wrote in English will be this : {你好吗?(How are you?) }.
  • Isn’t it intresting ? It just took a flash of a second for converting English into Chinese.
  • Copying a words or sentence and pasting in typing monster will not give any results. Only the words you type manually will get converted.

I hope using this tool will be easier for you now. So, let’s learn a little about the rich history and importance of Chinese language.

english to chinese typing


Importance of Chinese language :

Chinese language is an official language of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Macau.

There are two types writing system in Chinese language :

  1. Traditional chinese
  2. Standard Chinese (Mandarian)

Mandarin is an official language of People’s Republic of China and Republic of China (Taiwan) and Singapore.

In Hong Kong and Macau, Cantonese language is an official language which is a dialect of Chinese language.

Chinese language have more than 1.3 billion speakers and that gives it the highest position in the list of world’s most spoken language. According to new population growth data, India might overtake China in terms of population. That will make hindi, the future’s most spoken language probably. So if you’re interested in Hindi then visit English to hindi typing converter.

Now, lets dive deep into the History of Chinese language.


History of Chinese language :

Chinese language is also known as Sinitic language comes from Sino-Tibetan language family.

Chinese is one of the oldest written language after Greek, which date backs to 3000 BCE. English to Greek typing converter can you more insights on the oldest written languages. The inscriptions of oldest chinese language are found on oracle bones. Mainly turtle or animal bones were used for writing inscriptions. Historians believe that writing on oracle bones was in use during Shang dynasty period.

The current written chinese which is also known as mandarin chinese or modern chinese developed during the beginning of 20th century. Mandarin is also known as simplified chinese just because it is easier to write compared to its traditional alternative. This huge change was done by Mao zedong to increase the literacy in mainland China.

Chinese language have approximately 80,000 characters compared to 26 alphabets of English. But only 2000-4000 chinese are in regular use.

Chinese have more than 100 dialects and Mandarin is just of out of them. Let’s learn more about some major chinese dialects which is still in use.

Dialects of Chinese language :

  • Mandarin (standard chinese)
  • Min (fujiyan, guangdong)
  • Wu (Shanghai)
  • Yue (Guangdong, Guangxi)
  • Jin
  • Gan (Jiangxi)
  • Hakka (southern China, Taiwan)
  • Xiang, etc

These are the major dialects which are mostly used in south-Eastern China.


Uses of English to Chinese converter

English to chinese converter tools helps in minimizing the efforts and maximizing the output in typing Chinese language.

Chinese language is very complex and it is one of the hardest language on earth. But it is also the most widely spoken language with billions of native speakers.

This converter tool will help you in typing chinese through an English keypad. If you have no prior experience in typing chinese then also you can use our English to chinese converter tool.

{Important :- English to chinese converter tool cannot translate English to chinese. It only works as a language converter tool.}


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some of the questions which we get alot. Hope you find yours in it. If didn’t got the answers then comment below.


Can I convert into traditional chinese script too?

No, this tool only converts English to internationally recognized standard chinese language which is Mandarin.


Why i’m not able to convert English into chinese?

Put space after every word you type this will convert the word automatically. If you’re still facing trouble in converting English to chinese then contact us as given Email.


Sometimes even after pressing space words doesn’t get converted when I copy and paste English sentences.

Copying words and sentences and pasting it here won’t convert it into chinese language. You have to type the words manually to get accurate results.



English to Chinese converter tool by typing monster is an impressive tool for those who never typed chinese language. It is for those who find it hard typing in Chinese but want to do it for official use.

This amazing breakthrough by typing monster is a next generation tool made to save your precious time by converting English to chinese in a blink without charging a penny.

If you like our English to chinese converter tool then share it with your friends and family. Feel free to check out other language converters too.