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How to use English to Amharic Converter

This is an easy tool for converting your English to Amharic. You just have to go with these simple steps and you’ll get to know all about this tool.

  • Go to the text area to write your wordings.
  • Starting writing your sentence, after every word doesn’t forget to add a space.
  • Once you add the space, your text will be automatically converted into the Amharic language from English.
  • That’s it. Now you can copy the result in one click if you want to.
  • To do so, click on the Clip to Copyboard.
english to amharic typing


Importance of Amharic language

Amharic is written in a left-to-right system, the same as the Urdu language. People who live or native to Ethiopia speaks the Amharic language.
On the behalf of the survey, There is a total of 32,000,000 and a plus of 25,000,000 speakers (in 2018). Rastafarians also consider the language Amharic as their second language because they belives it’s sacred.

History of Amharic language

It is the official language of Ethiopia, from the 12th century they’re using the language for daily trades, court orders, communication, and military work.
The country also has some other second-level languages to comfort the members. The language is considered as the holy language by the Rastafari religion.


There are no suck dialects available to inform you about. This language isn’t popular in any other state except for its native and surrounding states.

Use of English to Amharic converter

If you’re planning to visit Ethiopia then you should learn the language or need the translation tools. As they don’t have many other-language speakers in their territory and they prefer the language Amharic as the primary communication medium.
You can read their scripts and history, they’re proud of sharing their past, but it is also written in the Amharic language thus you need a converter to help you out from this case.


Drop down your questions to get the answers to your doubts about this tool.

Is this free or paid?

This tool is absolutely free, There are no hidden charges or service fees. You can use this tool as many times as you want without any restrictions.

Does this converter have other languages too?

Yes, This tool has more than 18+ languages that are ready to go. You just have to locate your desired language from the above Menu Bar. The list of language names is already posted up there.

Why some words are not converted?

Have you checked the spaces after and before the word?
Make sure you put space on both sides of the word to convert it, if you miss any space the converter will not work and skip that word.


So, this was all about the Amharic language, its History, and Origin. If you still have any question which you want to ask, then drop your words into the below comment box. We will surely assist you shortly with a suitable answer.